Monday, March 2, 2015

Rebeca Alvarez- Project Proposal

Polynesian gods and goddesses 

I am going to do two moment paintings of the polynesian god of the ocean, Tangaroa and polynesian goddess of volcanoes, Pele. The paintings will have some sort of narrative behind them, that would include part of their origin story. I would take about 3 weeks per painting.


1st week:
March 9th: thumbnails 
March 11th: refined sketch 

2nd week: 
March 16th: finished comp 
March 18th: color 

3rd week:
March 23rd: work day 
March 25th: final 


1st week: 
March 30th: thumbnails 
April 1st: refined sketch 

2nd week: 
April 6th: finished comp
April 8th: color 

3rd week: 
April 13th: final 
April 15th: final 

April 18th: Final paintings due (reworks done) 

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