Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Project Proposal - Miranda Moorhead

I want to do two moment paintings (that focus on environment) from Neil Gaiman’s book, Neverwhere.

Story moment #1: Abandoned Victorian Hospital
- Mr. Croup and Mr. Vandemar are the bad guys of the story and they hide out in an abandoned Victorian Hospital.

Story moment #2: The Floating Market
-  The Floating Market is where the people of ‘London Below’ go to buy/trade/barter. It’s ‘floating’ because it takes place in a different part of London each time it happens. The people of ‘London Below’ are generally invisible/not noticed by regular London. In the book, the Floating Market takes place in the department store, Harrods. It’s cool because it’s a bunch of magic people, creatures, etc. taking over a part of London that’s well known to a lot of people.

Due Dates

9 - thumbails
11 - comps
16 - color comps
17 - begin hospital final
1 - finish hospital final
2 - begin market final
16 - finish market final

18 - class FINAL

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