Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Jesse Draper: Concept Design Proposal

I would like to work on one or two moment paintings for the student film.

In addition I would like to work on one zbrush creature design sculpt for my Ute mythology Reverb Grant project. 

1st week:
March 9th: Thumbnails for Ute Mythology creature design
March 11th: Finished concept drawing for Ute mythology creature design.  Begin first student film moment painting.

2nd week: 
March 16th:  First moment painting progress. 
March 18th: Basic Zbrush sculpt

3rd week:
March 23rd: First moment painting refinement, rework direction
March 25th: Adding details Zbrush sculpt. 

1st week: 
March 30th: Finish 1st moment painting.  Refine Zbrush sculpt. 
April 1st: Begin color keys

2nd week: 
April 6th: Mostly done with zbrush sculpt
April 8th: Color key progress

3rd week: 
April 13th: Submit Zbrush Sculpt-final rework art direction. Keyshot Render example
April 15th: Submit Moment Painting and color keys for rework.

April 18th: Final moment paintings/color keys for student film due (reworks done) Finished Zbrush sculpt rendered in Keyshot and touched up in photoshop. 

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