Monday, March 2, 2015

Ky Dalley -- Personal Project

For my second half of the semester, I would like to focus my work on developing my character design and prop skills. I would especially like to work on animal characters and expand my designing horizons by taking a couple of woodland animals and giving them props, and then a final moment painting/screen shot. 

March 9: Sketches of animal studies (mouse, fox, bird (owl or bluejay))

March 11: Final Ginger and Cotton sketches.

March 16: Finals for 3 creatures, prop sketches.

March 18: Working in color studies.

March 23: Final color studies.

March 25: Color revisions.

March 30: Thumbnails for moment paintings.

April 1: Comp.

April 6: Have final sketch/value study. Color studies.

April 8: Final color chosen, begin to work on final.

April 18: Final due.

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