Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Jesse Final Projects

Many of the Ute stories are akin to telling ghost stories around the campfire.

"The crows were people"

Water Babies of Utah Lake
"Utah Lake covers 150 square miles in north-central Utah. It is also the home of a few malevolent creatures whose purpose, it seems, is to antagonize human beings. 

The Ute Indians told stories of a mysterious race of dwarves who lived in the lake. They referred to them as “Water Babies” because of their clever tactics in luring people to their deaths. They would make sounds very reminiscent of crying babies. Concerned people would take off into the lake in an effort to locate and rescue the endangered babies within, only to be dragged down into the depths by the nefarious Water Babies."

According to the Utes, a Skinwalker is someone that has been cursed to walk the earth forever or until they are redeemed. He is a shapeshifter who takes on many forms. He is not alive, so he does not have his own body, but he is not dead, so he must (according to the Utes) find a new body. Let's just hope he doesn't find yours.

The Rabbit and the Man in the Moon

Our Ute Legends show was fun! Here's a write up about it on the Daily universe:

We also got to share the spotlight with an amazing Japanese artist Shu Yamamoto, who has painted around 500 iconic of world's most beloved masterpieces with a fantastic spin. Oh, and did I mention he likes cats? Going to his show was just like being at the Louvre, except for cats.

Moment Painting and Color Keys for Student Film

Moment Painting

(earlier version 'muddier version)

Color Keys

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